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Saturday December 3, 2016
New Report Reveals More iPhone 8 Details
It is no secret that the web has been awash with rumors about the iPhone 8’s quality and Apple’s plans for a renewed launch of the iPhone 7. Now a new report aims to bring clarity to the chaos.

Wondering What To Get Your Favorite Apple Fanatic for the Holiday?
In addition to that new iPhone 7, that new MacBook Pro and that upgraded Apple TV, here's something else from Cupertino to slip under the Christmas tree this year: A $299 coffee table book.

Are Silicon Valley Tech Giants Seeking Political Peace?
Technology companies and President-Elect Donald Trump's team are feeling each other out, just as the Election Day dust starts to slowly settle, with a cautious "circling of the table" happening.

Say Goodbye to Apple Wi-Fi Routers
Sources say Apple has closed the division responsible for designing its wireless routers, reassigning the employees within the company and putting an end to its 17-year-old AirPort product line.

15-Inch MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Zero Upgradability
Despite featuring a larger trackpad and the Touch Bar, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is very limited when it comes to repairing the notebook and upgrading it as well, according to iFixit's teardown.

iPhone Touch Disease Much Worse than Apple Admits
So Apple has finally fessed up to the existence of the much-dreaded "Touch Disease" -- but users will tell you it's worse that Apple admits, and they aren't happy about the company's plan to deal with it.

iPhone Users: Apple Saves Your Call History to iCloud
Apple customers can sync a lot of the data on their devices to iCloud, but some information is being backed up in a way those users might not be aware of and can't control: their iPhone call logs.

Apple Admits to iPhone Touch Disease
Tech giant Apple has finally admitted to the existence of the mysterious iPhone ailment that caused unresponsive screens and came to be called the "touch disease." The problem: user error.

Review: The New MacBook Pro Is a Fast, Slim Tweener
Apple is realigning its familiar laptop line, dramatically reshaping and in some ways even merging the favorite options for both heavy-duty "pro" enterprise users and everyday customers.



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