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Saturday July 22, 2017
Apple To Build Data Center in China with Government Ties
Tech giant Apple will open a data center in mainland China with ties to the country's government, raising concerns about the security of iCloud accounts that store personal information.

Smart Phone Technology Can Be Used for Good or Evil
As Apple launches the 10th anniversary iPhone this fall, we should not only marvel at where the transformational device has taken us but also consider where it is likely to go in the future.

High Sierra Public Beta Highlights Important Changes Behind the Scenes
Three weeks after Apple introduced devs to the beta version of its new macOS High Sierra, the company opened it up to the public. Now non-developers can download the beta version of High Sierra.

Apple Releases Public Beta of iOS 11: Here's What You Need To Know
Several new features stand out in iOS 11, including the new keyboard mode for easier one-handed typing and the option to ask digital assistant Siri questions by typing rather than speaking.

Imagination Tech, Spurned by Apple, Now Up for Sale
Spurned in April by its main customer, Apple, Imagination Technologies, a U.K.-based graphics chipmaker, has put itself up for sale after seeing a precipitous decline in its stock value.

Foxconn Founder: U.S. Expansion Might Top $10 Billion
The chairman of Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn says it may spend more than $10 billion to set up manufacturing in the U.S., and will announce investment plans by early August for three states.

Latest Apple Leak Reveals New Look for Coming iPhone 8
You can tell a lot about a phone from the case designed to hold it, and pre-ordering info from the U.K.-based online retailer Mobile Fun appears to confirm rumors about the look of Apple's iPhone 8.

The iPhone Exists Because Steve Jobs 'Hated a Guy at Microsoft'
Recounting the story of Steve Jobs and the birth of the iPhone at a talk at the Computer History Museum, former Apple iOS chief Scott Forstall said: "The iPhone had a very circuitous route."

Apple Seeks To Void Patent Claims, Fees in Qualcomm Dispute
In a court filing, Apple sought to void some of Qualcomm's patent claims and licensing agreements, intensifying its legal battle with the chip maker over the technology in iPhones and iPads.



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