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Tuesday October 25, 2016
Apple A10 Fusion Chip Is Far Bigger than Its Competition
Apple’s A10 Fusion chipset is the first time the company has introduced a total of four processing cores. Two of them are power cores, while the remaining two are efficient cores, like ARM’s Cortex-A53.

Apple To Unveil New MacBook Pro at Oct. 27 Event
With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and its recent update to the Mac operating system, Apple is likely to unveil a new MacBook Pro during an upcoming event that will be streamed live.

iPhone 7 32GB Writes Data 8 Times Slower, Says Latest Test
Tests carried out using the 32GB version of Apple’s iPhone 7 show the smartphone is actually slower than the 64GB version of last year’s iPhone 6s. Is Apple using slower flash memory chips?

Farewell to the Apple Car, A Dream That Was Never Going To Happen
It was just over a year and a half ago that the consumer tech and auto aficionado communities became jointly engulfed in a tizzy over a single rumor: Apple was going into the car business.

IBM Says Enterprise Mac Deployment Saves Money
Macs: they're not just for consumers any longer. New data released by IBM suggests that switching from PCs to Macs on an enterprise-wide level can actually help IT departments save money.

MacBook Pro Announcement Date Has Been Revealed
Apple is going to announce the highly awaited MacBook Pro 2016 models and it turns out that the event date is much closer than you think. The more affordable MacBook Air family may also be discussed.

Tim Cook for Veep? Clinton Reportedly Considered It
An email supposedly stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair and leaked by WikiLeaks says the candidate once had her eyes on some of the tech world's shining stars, starting with Tim Cook.

Justices Raise Doubts About $399M Judgment Against Samsung
The Supreme Court is raising serious doubts about a $399 million judgment against smartphone maker Samsung for illegally copying parts of the patented design of tech giant Apple's iPhone.

New FBI Head in San Francisco Was Key Figure in iPhone Hack
Special Agent Jack Bennett was at the FBI's computer investigation lab in Quantico, Virginia, when a company showed the bureau how it could hack into an iPhone used by a San Bernardino shooter.



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